Angora Wool Harvesting: Fact vs. Fiction

Fact:  Angora wool harvesting is very humane and is one of the most humane animal products that you could possibly purchase. 


I am old fashioned and still use scissors, but some use clippers, and they love the vibrations. Also, they aren’t big like sheep, so they just sit on your lap or a chair while it is done.  They love having it done, they jump around and show off their new look.  In fact, the easy, breezy clip job is important for the health of the angora rabbit.

Super simple, everyone is happy and you have a fiber that is beautiful, warm, economical to raise and with little carbon footprint.  I will post a video here in the next month or so, right now we are super busy harvesting hay on the farm

FICTION:  Before you contact me because you think angora wool harvesting is cruel, take a breath and do some factual research before you embarrass yourself.  The national animal rights organizations  a few years ago created a propaganda video and had a campaign against angora wool, misleading many businesses that offered this great product into taking it off the shelves as if wool was a horrible cruel product.

I saw the video myself and was astounded at the blatantly obvious staged propaganda.  The video does not shown how angora wool is harvested at all.  The video was on a farm in China, and the guy ripped the wool out of the rabbit that was not able to be released, and had tied the rabbit to a table so that it could not move.  The animal would probably never produce wool again with the damage that was caused, and would not have been treated in that manner if the angora farm had a profit motive because of the damage that must have been caused to the cuticles.

While it did not actually show how wool is harvested for someone that would want the animal to be able to ever produce wool again, it did depict the exact narrative of how the animal rights organizations WANT us to believe it was harvested.  Convenient isnt it?  How simple would it be to pay a low wage worker in China to fake it, offering them a hundred dollars or so would be a dream to them.  Notice that they could not find an angora farm in the United States to stage the video – no angora wool farmer would ever do this, and moreover, we are not big enough to hire people.  We harvest the wool from the animals that we love ourselves, and you couldn’t pay us a million dollars to treat an animal like that.

These national animal rights organizations create these videos so that they have narratives for campaigns to use as fund raising drives. These organizations use these videos to reap HUGE DONATIONS, and only 1% goes back to actually help animals. And, their activities don’t even help.  97% of the animals in their care are put down and killed.  So these killers decide to come after small angora farmers by faking a video on wool harvesting and cutting into the small farmer’s livelihood.  Meanwhile, their executives take millions in salary and use the rest for videos for fundraising and for hanging out with and misleading celebrities into supporting their campaigns so that they generate even more money.   They are not giving money to the animals.  I am not sure if they are brilliant businessmen or con artists.

Vegans are Cool.  Now, I can understand if someone ethically decides not to eat meat or use animal products because of their personal ideals.  I support everyone to follow their hearts and this is not meant for them.

I am against national animal rights organizations faking campaigns to raise millions and force businesses to stop using a product that is one of the most animal friendly products in existence.  The animal needs the wool harvested,  it doesn’t hurt, and the farmer can use the money to pay to upkeep the animal.  So the animal wins and the farmer wins.

Please do not give to animal rights organizations that target products of small farms.

The vast majority of angora wool in the United States is raised on very small farms with caring owners that count on the income to feed their families and beloved animals.

Instead of giving to PETA or ASPCA, please donate to your LOCAL humane society because they need the money to actually care for unwanted pets.  The worst slap in the face by these national organizations against local humane societies is coopting the name “humane society”

The national organization that uses humane society in the name has eaten up so many donations for their animal rights agenda rather than helping pets because people give to the national organization because they wrongly believe that it trickles down to the little humane societies.

That money should be going to local shelters to help cute puppies and kitties, and not being used to falsify videos to use to attack people who love and care for their animals more than anyone.

So, before you contact me and tell me that I am cruel (which I am not), think about if you have ever left COST CUTTERS DRIPPING IN BLOOD.

If the answer is no, and I use the same method for harvesting that you use for your hair cut, then you are failing to process facts if you still think that angora harvesting is cruel.  That would make you an idiot.