English Angora Rabbit Colors – Self Group

English Angora Self Group

English Angora Rabbit – Ruby Eyed White

white english angora
Ruby Eyed White English Angora – Terri’s White Wolf

Ruby eyed white English angoras are easy to identify – a pure white rabbit with ruby eyes.  The ruby eyed white is an albino rabbit, it is missing the gene that expresses color.

Even if it is missing the gene causing the color to be expressed, all ruby eyed whites carry color genes, the albinism just prevents the pigment for that genetic color from being expressed.  So you will often hear someone say that they have a ruby eyed white, but it is genetically a black.  The albinism is recessive, so when bred to another albino, will only produce another albino.

English Angora Rabbit – Blue Eyed White

English Angora Rabbit – Black

Black English Angora Rabbit – Terri’s Witch

Black rabbits are have dominant genes, except for the agouti gene.

Basically, one genetic letter separates a black from a chestnut agouti which is the most dominant color.

The black is a very dominant color, and so can hide many recessive genes.

Because of the dominance, a black rabbit can produce many different color babies.

English Angora Rabbit – Chocolate




Chocolate English Angora Rabbit – Terri’s Satin

English Angora Rabbit – Blue


English Angora Rabbit – Lilac