Guide to English Angora Rabbit Colors

7Pines Smokin Hot – Sable English Angora Buck

We are currently working on this page to display pictures of the different the English Angora Rabbit colors.

Also, we will be developing information on English Angora Rabbit Color Genetics, which has been a passion of mine since I was a child.

English Angora Rabbit Colors Explained

This will be a work in progress because we are only going to upload pictures that show the colors well and unfortunately, I have not been very good at taking pictures of my rabbits through the years.

So stay tuned, we will be slowly building this page!  In the meantime, you can check out Bumblebee Acres Page for a great display of colors to supplement the ones that are missing here.

English Angora Rabbit Color Genetics

Also, I will be including information on color genetics.  However, please be advised that when I  explain color genetics, I try to simplify it for the public.

Why?  Because most people just want a working knowledge of the subject, and there are easy ways to explain it but a lot gets lost in the simplification process.

Many people who understand genetics speak at a level that is far beyond what most people want to learn.

So if you are someone like  me that is nerdy about this subject, please don’t send me emails of correction.

I already know that the way that I explain things is an oversimplification.

If you are someone that grasps the basics and wants to know the gory details, let me know and I will give you some great sources to become a genetics nerd.


The Self Group for Blacks, Chocolate, Blues, Lilacs, Ruby Eyed White, Blue Eyed White

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Terri’s Witch, Black English Angora Rabbit



Chocolate English Angora Rabbit – Terri’s Satin


7Pine’s Smurf – Blue English Angora buck


Ruby Eyed White

white english angora
Terri’s White Wolf – Ruby Eyed White Buck

Blue Eyed White


The Shaded Group


7Pines Smokin Hot – Sable English Angora Buck

Smoke Pearl

Black Pearl

Black Pearl English Angora Rabbits

Blue Pearl

Blue Pearl English Angora

Chocolate Pearl

Lilac Pearl

Agouti Group

Chestnut Agouti

Chestnut Agouti English Angora Rabbit Baby


Opal English Angora Rabbit

Chocolate Agouti




Black Tort

Black Tort English Angora

Chocolate Tort

Blue Tort

Blue Tort English Angora Rabbit

Lilac Tort

Other Varieties

Black Pointed White

Black Pointed White English Angora Rabbit

Blue Pointed White

Terri’s Blue Heaven – Blue Pointed White

Chocolate Pointed White

Lilac Pointed White