English Angora Rabbits For Sale

Please make sure to read the Terms and Conditions for Sale Of Livestock (the “Terms”) prior to purchasing any English Angora Rabbits for sale.  Your purchase indicates acceptance of the Terms and they are important.  If you do not agree with the Terms, do not buy any livestock from our farm.

All Sales are nonrefundable with the exception of certain refunds available listed in the Terms

The rabbits that are available are below, click on any rabbits picture for more information on the rabbit.  All rabbits come with a three generation Pedigree that will permit them to be registered by the ARBA as long as they do not have an disqualifications when presented to the ARBA registrar.  If you do not know which breed of angora rabbit you prefer, please do research on the five breeds of the angora rabbit.

English Angora Rabbits Require Special Care

English Angoras are very friendly animals, but unless you are willing to learn how to care for them and take the time to return them to an angora rabbit farm in the event that they can no longer be cared for by you do not purchase an English Angora.  Learning their care is not difficult, but you must be dedicated.  Because of the rate that their wool grows, you will not be able to take a break from their care.

All animals listed here are being offered for sale as a courtesy and are not unwanted and do not NEED homes.  They are an integral part of our wool farm, but we love to offer animals available to others.

English Angora Rabbits as Pets 

We will only sell to a person inexperienced with angora rabbits that is going to keep the animal as a pet if they meet us at a rabbit show where we can take the time to teach them the proper care of the animal.  Do research on English Angora Rabbits as pets before you decide to get one.

Do not ask us to ship you an animal when you are inexperienced with their care, you will have to come and meet us in person at a show so that we can make sure that you understand.  Also, you will be permitted to surrender it to an animal shelter, you must instead return it here where it has a purpose.  These animals are not unwanted and have a purpose and do not need to burden animal rescues who need to spend their resources on animals that are actually unwanted.

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