English Angora Show Rabbit: Dimitri Shining on the Showtable

Dimitri posing for the camera


Our black junior buck Dimitri has been shining on the show table!  Dimitri is a beautiful black buck that has all of the attributes needed in a show English Angora.  This bunny has beautiful cimpy wool with great color, density, and has a short, smooth cobby body.  Dimitri takes after his sire, who was Best Opposite Sex at the National Angora Show a couple of years ago.


Dimitri with a Closeup


On June 10 and 11, Dimitri left the farm and was exhibited at the Fox Valley Rabbit Club’s annual Spring Fling Rabbit Show.  The Spring Fling show is one of the years most fun shows, with a pig roast, camping, and three opportunities to exhibit your animals.

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Even though Dimitri is very young, he won Best of Breed at two of the three shows held at Spring Fling.  It can be difficult for a rabbit that is a junior, or under six months, to compete against senior  animals.  But he is holding on the show table with his beautiful texture and short, smooth body type.


Dimitri Enjoying His Daily Pasture Turnout


Dimitri continued to dominate this past weekend at the Northwoods Rabbit Club show on June 17, 2017.  The Northwoods Rabbit Club is very close to our farm, and has two shows in one day.  Dimitri won back to back Best of Breeds, and so was given the opportunity to compete for Best In Show.

Dimitri has two Grand Champion leg certificates, and only needs one more to obtain Grand Champion status.  However, the ARBA rules dictate that one of the Grand Champion leg certificates must be obtained as a senior animal, so he will not be able to get an eligible third leg for another month or so.

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