Terms and Conditions for Sales of Livestock

Dimitri Enjoying His Daily Pasture Turnout

We Breed For the Farm’s Needs Not Yours.  We do sell livestock that is raised on our farm, but only for show and wool production purposes.  Our rabbits produce young for our farm’s purposes, and sometimes stock is liquidated and can go help other herds.    We do more of the production model, we breed only for our own purposes, and then as we evaluate animals we will sell what is not needed for our farm’s breeding program.  Even if not needed for our program, they are still excellent animals.  If we have a full sibling we may not need that animal’s genetics, and it can go help another angora herd.  Because we do not breed specifically to sell livestock, we do not have waiting lists and animals are available first come first serve.

Baby Rabbits.  We do not let you buy a baby before it is old enough to be evaluated.  Sometimes we have young ones, but that is rare and usually only occurs if one had more babies than expected.  We will never sell, promise, or hold any babies before they are eight weeks old, so do not ask.

Transportation of Sale Animals.  You must be able to have a method of getting the rabbits from Wisconsin, or be willing to pay air shipment costs, and all of the associated costs that go along with shipment.

We will meet and deliver to most Wisconsin rabbit shows free of charge, and sometimes Iowa and Minnesota.  Because my time is limited, my strong preference is for you to meet me at a Wisconsin or National rabbit show to pick up your rabbit. You can look at upcoming shows on the ARBA website and search for shows in Wisconsin. Also, due to limited time constraints, we are not able to take special pictures of a sale rabbit, so attending the show will allow you to see the animal in person.

The shows that we are attending will be listed as an option for Shipping, however, contact us if you want to pick up at another show in those three states as we may consider attending.  However, when we attend a show that is not one listed as a shipping option at the time of your original purchase, we charge a 45.00 delivery fee, which will be invoiced to you and must be paid prior to the show.

We typically attend national shows such as the National Angora Show and ARBA convention, but a delivery fee will be applicable to these shows.  We are attending the 2017 ARBA Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana and the delivery fee will be a shipping option upon purchase.



My Wool is a Valuable Agricultural Commodity Harvested With A Simple Haircut

We have had many people drive from all over the country to meet us at a Wisconsin rabbit show to pick up their rabbit.  They were able to get their rabbit and enjoy a fun day at the show!  If you are not willing to do this, or to pay for airfare, then please do not contact us about purchasing livestock.  I strongly advise against using rabbit transporters unless it is a person that you know and trust, but if you do, it is at your own risk.

We sell animals for Show and Wool Production Purposes Only.  English Angoras are not pets, but livestock that are used for wool production and have special care requirements.   English Angoras do require consistent care which includes either clipping or grooming their fast growing coat on a frequent basis.  These rabbits are not suitable to be abandoned to humane societies.  Do not burden the poor people at humane societies with these animals as they require special care that they are not equipped to provide.  Their hands are full with unwanted animals, English Angoras are animals that have an agricultural purpose, and so must go back to a wool farm.

Do Not Surrender Any Livestock Purchased From Us to the Overburdened Humane Societies.  Any rabbit that is purchased from us can be surrendered back to our farm at any time no questions asked.  You will not receive a refund, but the animal will be able to have a safe landing spot with the special knowledge needed to care for English Angoras, which will not occur if you take it to a humane society.

By purchasing an animal and agreeing to these terms and conditions, you agree to reimburse Galaxy Gold Farm, Inc., which is our farm name, for any and all costs associated with retrieving an animal from a humane society or rescue group after INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO AIR TRANSPORTATION.  So, It will be TOO EXPENSIVE FOR YOU to dump the animal on these organizations when we get done going through all of the costs associated with retrieving it, so DO NOT DO IT.  SEND IT HOME if you cannot find a responsible person to take it from you.  This offer stands regardless of who owns the rabbit, so any future purchaser can surrender the animal as well.

No Refunds on Sales Animals.  If Terri’s English Angoras is unable to sell you the animal due to death or disease prior to three days after the sale, 100% of the cost will be refunded to you (“Initial Refund Window”).

If you do not pick the rabbit up right away during the Initial Refund Window and Terri’s English Angoras is unable to sell you the animal due to death or disease after the Intial Refund Window but within the first two weeks after the sale, 80% of the cost will be refunded and all costs paid for transportation except for any that have already been incurred (for instance, if the vet certificate for air fare was already obtained, the cost and the mileage to obtain the document will be taken out of the refund).  We will not refund 100% because we will have expended time and effort on the sale and we want to encourage people to pick them up as soon as possible.

If the rabbit cannot be sold due to death or disease within four weeks after the sale, 50% of the cost will be refunded.  If the owner has not taken possession of the rabbit after four weeks following the date of the initial sale and the rabbit cannot be delivered due to death or disease, no refunds shall  be given.

Unfit Purchaser.  If we decide, in our sole discretion that you are not a person that we would be comfortable selling our animals too, we can cancel the sale at any time.  80% of the cost will be refunded and all costs paid for transportation except for any that have already been incurred.  You will not get a full refund because we will have spent a lot of time on this sale prior to discovering that you are unfit for the care of the rabbits, but consider it a restocking fee like you are charged when you go to Best Buy.

Special Care Required.  English Angoras are very friendly animals, but unless you are willing to learn how to care for them and take the time to return them to an angora rabbit farm in the event that they can no longer be cared for by you do not purchase an English Angora.  Learning their care is not difficult, but you must be dedicated.  Because of the rate that their wool grows, you will not be able to take a break from their care.

I Am Cute But Require Specialized Care

Conditions for Animals Purchased as a Pet.  We will only sell to a person inexperienced with angoras that is going to keep the animal as a pet if they meet us at a rabbit show where we can take the time to teach them the proper care of the animal.  Do not ask us to ship you an animal when you are inexperienced with their care, you will have to come and meet us in person at a show so that we can make sure that you understand their care.

By purchasing an animal from us, you agree that you will not surrender the animal to a human society or rescue, but will return it to our farm instead.  There are no refunds, but you do not have to pay a surrender fee of any sort, just get the rabbit to us.  You are of course free to sell or give the animal to another angora farm or other experienced angora caretaker but the English Angora that you buy is not unwanted, has a purpose, and therefore is not to take up resources that should be reserved for unwanted pets. If you do not follow this condition, then you will be liable to us for all costs associated with any efforts required by us to reacquire the animal from the humane society or rescue as previously stated.  We just thought it was worth repeating, because these animals are very special to us, and we will not let them languish in a humane society when they can be happy on our farm, and THIS WILL BE VERY EXPENSIVE FOR YOU!